Learn the Rewind technique to treat PTSD – over 90% success rate

Have you suffered a trauma in your life? An accident, an assault, domestic abuse, bullying, a sudden loss? Do you struggle with unwanted thoughts or flashbacks? Did you suffer yourself directly or were you an onlooker, such as in your role in the armed forces, fire, ambulance or police services?

However far back the incident might be, there is a treatment which can help – The Rewind Technique.

Recognised internationally as indispensable to the treatment of  PTSD (www.iartt.com), both the Ambulance Staff Charity and The Hillsborough Survivors Association recognise its value. There are numerous benefits

How Rewind works – regaining ‘control’

When you suffer or observe a traumatic event, it plants itself in your brain, but it isn’t a memory under your control. The traumatic event re-appears randomly, forcing you to re-live it over and over again.

The Rewind treatment will make it a memory that you can decide to visit or not.

First, you fill in a simple questionnaire about how your trauma has affected you in the previous seven days. For example – ‘Any reminder brought back feelings about it’, select answer from: not at all, rarely, sometimes, often.

Two weeks after the Rewind session you pay another visit, to complete the questionnaire again. This way, we can check you’re making good progress.

You gain closure – but without disclosure. How much you reveal of the trauma is down to you.

PTSD & Trauma £50 per session (2 – 3 sessions needed)

Rewind Technique training also available, get in touch to find out more


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