My name is Cindy Hancock, and I’m here to help.
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Reiki treatments & Training

Improve your allround health and a sence of wellbeing with a course of Reiki treatments.
Learn for yourself and help others enjoy the same

PTSD & Trauma

Have you suffered a trauma in your life?
Or do you suffer having witnessed a trauma?
The rewind technique can bring a fast and effective recovery.
Training in the Rewind Technique also available.

Coaching & Counselling

Do you ever wonder about happiness?
What does it mean for you?
How do you achieve it?
The same with success.
What is it, and how do you get there?


I had to go back to a specific moment which had always played on my mind and made me instantly feel angry and frustrated. Since Rewind, I have not once thought about that moment and even when I have come into contact with my sibling that it involved, I have managed to stay calm and stable. Miracle.

I would highly recommend trying the Rewind technique to anyone whose past traumas may be still affecting them in the present. Thank you, Cindy, for all your support, positive encouragement and sincerity.

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