Coaching or Counselling?

Are you are struggling with anxiety or depression, or is life getting on top of you?  Perhaps you have been through a bereavement or relationship break-up?

It can be difficult to choose which type of help you need if especially if you have never had support before and are not sure of the options.  It is worth speaking to a few counsellors or coaches before making a decision – most will be happy to answer questions.

Counselling is particularly good at looking at the past and for explanations about where you are today.  Counselling can help explore why past relationships have been destructive, working through how to improve things in the future. It is also a good pathway to recovery – for a bereaved person looking at the future straight away can be daunting. 

Coaching is suitable for anxiety and depression as it offers a number of tools and ways of coping.  It is useful for people who are unsure of what they want to do or keen to improve their work/life balance. 

Coaching will take you for surviving to thriving.  You will look at where you want to get to and what you need to get there – it is about reaching potential.  You will also look at obstacles that might stand in the way and how you will overcome them.

Whether you choose counselling or coaching, both will give you skills to cope with any difficulties that may arise in the future.

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